Below is a selection of my finest works, along with my notes on the mixing process— to give you an insight on how these songs came together.

  • In Loving Memory - Crystal Clear

    Mixing / Mastering
    Crystal Clear is a melodic metalcore song that I mixed for a solo artist. He recorded all of the instruments and sent the tracks to me for mixing. I did reamps and added my own flair to elevate this track into greatness. Particular attention was paid to make sure that the vocals were not overpowered by the instrumentals.
  • Waveforms - Oscillations

    Mixing / Mastering
    Oscillations is a technical metalcore song, which made it a perfect candidate for the magical Axe Fx touch. My goal for this song was to have very prominent rhythm guitars with a lot of clarity, along with lush, roomy leads. The biggest challenge with this song was making the guitars and vocals equally balanced, without any of the intricate riffing getting lost in the orchestrated chaos.
  • Gentlemen's Brawl - Rock Bottom Road

    Production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
    Rock Bottom Road is a song I particularly enjoy, with soaring vocals and an upbeat feel, with a slower bridge to round things out. I handled all the aspects of production on this track and the rest of the EP, helping to write and add parts. This song has a heavy focus on the vocal production, as I felt the vocals had a fairly unique sound for this genre.
  • With Shallow Views - In Reality

    Production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
    The focus of this heavy metalcore song was to be a sonic assault on the ears. I handled all of the aspects of this song and EP production, and I'm especially proud of the heavy bass tone I was able to achieve from an unsuspecting old bass. The ending of this song is my favorite part, featuring a fantastic breakdown and some cool vocal effects.
  • Manifest Me - Isolation

    Production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
    Isolation is one of the more technical metalcore songs that I've recorded, featuring precise guitar parts and nuanced drumming. I'm particularly proud of the drums on this song, as they're completely live with almost no sample replacement. I arranged the bridge in this song for maximum emotional impact, as it goes from a quiet clean section into a soaring crescendo.

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